Clinic Visits


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We value your time and know how important your health is. You will find useful information on our clinic visits and what you can do to prepare for the visit to make it as productive as possible.



As per MSP regulations, you must receive a referral from another physician to see a urologist - usually your family doctor. A repeat referral is usually required if you have not been seen in the 6 months leading up to your appointment and must be obtained from your family doctor.

Once your physician makes a referral, either they or we will contact you will an appointment time. We can see consultations for urgent conditions very quickly - often within a few days. Rapid consultations require a special request from the referring physician.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please Contact Us as soon as possible.

The referring doctor is responsible for sending us relevant information such as the reason for consultation, your medical history and investigations (urine, blood and xray test results, etc.). Get the most out of your clinic visit and make it faster by filling out Questionnaires before coming in.


Find our locations on the Contact Us page*. Please bring the following information:

  1. Care-Card.
  2. Medication list (or list them on the Pre-Visit Questionnaire)

Work Safe BC (WCB)


If you are seeing us for a WSBC-related problem, you must bring the following information:

  1. WorkSafe BC claim number
  2. Date of injury
  3. Body part code, Nature of injury code and Diagnostic (ICD-9) code

In order to diagnose or manage your condition, we may order some additional tests or diagnositic procedures. If you need surgery, we will make all the arrangements for you. You can find information on these here:





*We make every effort to keep appointments running on time. However, illness can be unpredictable - and the most serious illnesses follow no one's schedule but their own. Surgeons are often called urgently to look after life-threatening conditions on very short notice in the emergency department and operating room. In addition, some patients unexpectedly require additional attention during office consultation. As a result, there may be unexpected delays. We thank you for your patience in advance.

If you have severely restricted time for consultation:

  1. Request an appointment either first thing in the morning or immediately after lunchtime
  2. Please let our reception staff know if you are short on time when you arrive - we will try to triage your appointment appropriately or rebook your appointment.