Kidney Cancer

Cancer of the kidney (renal cell carcinoma) is uncommon relative to other cancers, but the 3rd most common cancer that a urologist deals with, after prostate and bladder. Kidney cancer is usually detected "by chance" on ultrasound or CT scan done for other reasons. Symptoms are often late, including pain or hematuria.

On the other hand, urologists are often asked to assess a kidney (renal) mass as to whether it could be cancerous or not. There are other renal lesions that can mimic cancer including cysts (particularly if they have "atypical" features), angiomyolipomas (benign hamartomatous lesions), and oncocytomas, to name a few, as well as other cancers including transitional cell cancer and metastatic cancer (cancer spread to the kidney from somewhere else). Your urologist may have to run further imaging tests to sort this out, or, sometimes, wait and follow a lesion to see if it changes in size or characteristics over time.

If your urologist is concerned that a mass in the kidney is likely a cancer, he will discuss with you various treatment options, including watchful waiting, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, partial nephrectomy (removal of only the tumour and the part of the kidney around it) - either open or laparoscopic, or total ("radical") nephrectomy (again, either open or laparoscopic). Unfortunately, at the present there are no other curative forms of treatment for kidney cancer, such as radiation or chemotherapy.

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