Male Fertility & Infertility

In this section you will find information on a broad range of male fertility and infertility conditions. If you are coming to see one of our urologists for consultation on a fertility issue, please visit the Clinic Visit area where you will find information on how to get the most out of your visit.


Dr. Poon collaborates with Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Olive Fertility and Grace Fertility to provide comprehensive care of couple trying to have children. You can find information about these clinics as well as useful information on assisted reproductive technologies on their websites.


Drs. Poon performs vasectomy reversals (including vaso-vasostomy and vaso-epididymostomy), microdissection Testicular Sperm Extraction and other surgical techniques for sperm retrieval.


On the Web

General Urology Web Sites

CFAS Patient Resources: patient information website for the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society

Reproductive Facts: patient information website for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine



Author(s): K Poon  Major Revision/Review: January 2011