Preparing for Your Appointment

Find out where to go and how to reach us. You will be provded with an appointment date and also electronic notification 7 days prior. 




Help Yourself. Help Us. Help Others.


Take a minute to read this. It's important.


Our great healthcare system provides for universal care and is funded by your tax dollars. However, it is a limited and a shared resource. Demand for service far outstrips supply which is why there are wait lists. We do everything in our power to see patients as quickly as we can and ensure that those who need care the most are seen soonest. 


Money is a critical factor in providing healthcare but money can't buy time. As surgeons, our time is not unlimited nor do we have complete control over it. Emergencies, especially when surgery is needed, demand our immediate attention and because they are inherently unpredictable our schedule is also unpredictable. Never presume that a cancelled or delayed appointment means that we do not value your time - just know that if you are ever in distress and require emergency care that we will be there for you.


You have a role to play. Your health is your health - take ownership. We're here to help you and share that responsibility but your health doesn't get better without your participation.


Help make your appointment efficient and productive. Allow your surgeon to spend the limited time that we have on what matters. By you taking ownership, it allows us to focus on details that can only be obtained by directly interacting with you - individualized assessment of your symptoms, exam, testing and discussion of your condition and treatment options.


Here's what you can do:


  1. If you don't know why you referred to see us you need to ask your family physician. 
  2. Complete your pre-visit questionnaires so that we can zero in on your specific problem and not expend precious time collecting basic information. Ideally your family physician will have provided much of this information on your behalf.
  3. Learn about your condition or the reason for consultation whenever possible. This is essential for conditions in which 'shared-decision making' is critical (see below). 


There is a wealth of information on this website and on the internet. Not all questions are equal: some can only be answered by an expert familiar with all the details or your case whereas many others questions require only generic, non-specific answers. We are happy to take any question you may have but we may not have the time to answer every question you have in a single visit - be prepared and ask wisely. We'll answer your question, point you in the right direction or book another appointment if necessary. 


By doing these things you will get the best possible healthcare. The meeting will be less rushed and your surgeon can focus on what is important to your health. You will also be helping all of the other people just like you who are patiently waiting in line to be seen. It's a virtuous circle and we are asking you to be a part of it.


Thank you in advance - the Metrovan Urology team.








Pre-reading is optional for some patients but there are several conditions that absolutely require shared decision making. We have provided the information and resources you will need. Please come prepared. If you are not prepared and we are unable to complete your consultation in the alloted time, we may need to reschedule your appointment or book another appointment to answer all of your questions and take the next steps.


Erectile Dysfunction - especially if you are not responding to Viagra or Cialis

Hematuria/Cysoscopy Consulations

Prostate Cancer Screening


ANY condition for which you are having SURGERY



You will need a pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview to download the images.