Preparing your child for surgery

Getting your child ready for surgery is important both for the child and the parents. Below are a few things that you can do to ease the transition for getting your child ready to come to the hospital for an operation.

Telling your child about the procedure

  • Be Honest - children are aware if you are not being truthful. Having an open and honest discussion is important


  • Talk to your child - it is important to let your child know why the procedure is necessary. For example, "the doctor needs to move your testicle to the scrotum so that it can grown well and be healthy".


  • Find out what your child understands already - having a discussion about what their understanding about what is going to happen is critical. For example, "Do you know what an operation is?". Sometime role playing with dolls or toys about going to the hospital for an operation is helpful.


  • Have a discussion about what will be happening on the day of their operation - outlining the day of the surgery and what will happen is important. For example, "Will I be lying in a bed?"


These plans work well if you go over them several days/weeks before surgery. It is helpful to use a calm, soothing voice and to not sound anxious or nervous about them having surgery.


Generally, children younger than 4 years do better with a shorter preparation.