Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer?

There are many different types of prostate cancer, but when we speak about prostate cancer we are usually talking about prostate adenocarcinoma. Adenocarcinoma is a tumor which originates from the glandular component of the gland. In plain English, the cells which normally contibute fluid to the ejaculate spread beyond their normal bounds.

A Short Note on Using the Internet for Prostate Cancer Research

Prostate cancer is a wide-ranging and complicated condition. Every man with prostate cancer is different and every tumor is different. Because men are different, what may pose a threat to one man may be of no concern to another. The complicated nature of prostate cancer can make it difficult to determine if the information you read is applicable to your specific circumstances. While we encourage our patients to learn more about their condition, we also advise caution when using the internet to determine which course of action would be most appropriate for them. We are here to provide you with the perspective and insight that comes from treating thousands of men with prostate cancer over many years and having managed the entire spectrum of this disease. We have endeavored to include what we feel to be the most important subjects on prostate cancer since it is impossible to be comprehensive.  The internet (including these pages) is not a substitute for expert consultation. Please see us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your condition.


If you happen to read something on the internet or elsewhere which you would like to discuss, please make a note of the web page or bring a copy of the information for review. Patients often times mention a treatment or outcome which was experienced by a friend, or which they heard about anecdotally - we can help determine if it might be relevant to you.  Knowing the clinical features (e.g. stage, grade, PSA) of friends who received a particular treatment as well as knowing how and by whom they were treated can facilitate a discussion.


On the Web

General Prostate Cancer Web-Resources

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York is an excellent resource for information on prostate cancer. Balanced, unbiased discussions of the disease, including discussion regarding some of the controversies in prostate cancer.

General Information on Cancer

UNDERSTANDING CANCER - Metrovan Urology info on the principles of diagnosis, staging, prognosis and more.

American Cancer Society

BC Cancer Agency: Good general website from the British Columbia Cancer Agency. Has contact information on locations.

National Cancer Institute: Excellent source of understandable and mainly unbiased information. Several very good brochures on every stage of prostate cancer.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network: peer-reviewed expert content/prostate cancer guidance on evidence-based cancer diagnosis and management. Best for Prostate and Kidney Cancer. The most in-depth information is located in the physician section and requires registration.