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We have compiled some general web resources. Information on locating pharmacies and medical supplies, imaging and laboratory testing centers. There are links to some of the physiotherapy groups which provide pelvic floor rehabilitationd. We have also included some general urology web sites which we think are good. You can find condition-specific websites in the relevant pages in the Procedures & Surgery and Urological Conditions sections.


Finding Things You Need

Recommended General Urology Web Sites

Recommended Urology Web Sites

The internet is a wonderful source of information for patients and their families. However, it can be difficult to judge the trustworthiness and quality of information on the internet. We have provided links to sites which we consider trustworthy.


Please keep in mind that every patient is different and that the information you read may not be applicable to your specific case. The internet is not a substitue for a personalized expert consultation - please make an appointment to talk with us if you have a question regarding your condition or something that you have read.


General Web Sites on Urology Conditions

Canadian Urological Association  Extenstive library of downloadable pamphlets on a wide range of urological conditions

Cleveland Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Medline Plus Produced by the US National Institutes of Health with information on virtually every health topic and extensive list of links The patient information site of the American Urological Association.


Condition-Specific Web Sites

American Cancer Society

BC Cancer Agency  Good general resource for cancer. Contact information and locations.

Canadian Cancer Society

CFAS Patient Resources: patient information website for the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society

Memoral Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center  World renowned cancer center in New York City

National Comprehensive Cancer Network  Patient guidelines and general information on cancer.

Reproductive Facts: patient information website for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine


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Where to Find the Things You Need

Please note that this is a list of independent businesses that you can access. They are not formally affiliated with the MetroVan Urology Group. Determine if their services fit your needs.

Medical Supplies Imaging and Radiology Outpatient Labs
Pharmacies Physiotherapy  Accommodations

Medical Supplies

Most pharmacies will carry medical supplies. Check with them about ordering in special products for you.

SpeediCath by Coloplast and Lofric by Astratec: Selection of hydrophylic catheters for self-catheterization (clean intermittent catheterization. Can be ordered through your local medical supply store


Lofric offers assistance with obtaining third party coverage (e.g. Sun Life, Blue Cross) and can top up the coverage such that the patient does not need to pay. This not available if you only have pharmacare coverage. Please call 1-877-563-7422 (1-877-Lofric-2).

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Outpatient Imaging & Radiology Tests

Brooke Radiology Associates: Outpatient radiology centers in Richmond and Burnaby. The same radiologists that review films and do procedures in Richmond Hospital, Burnaby Hospital and Delta Hospital constitute the Brooke group.

Greig Associates Radiology: Outpatient radiology centers in Vancouver

You can find information on Hospital locations on our Contact Page

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Outpatient Laboratories

BC Biomed & Lifelabs: These are privately owned laboratories which provide most of the outpatient lab testing for British Columbia. Results are sent directly into our Electronic Medical Records. Each offers similar services. Your requisition will be accepted at either lab and at any location. Please note that there are a few lab tests (e.g. semen analysis) which are only accepted at specific sites and at specific times. Please refer to the websites for up to date information.

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In general, the prescriptions that we provide can be filled at your regular pharmacy. There are, however, some instances where compounded drugs (i.e. those put together in the pharmacy itself rather by a drug company)  are not readily available and where extensive experience in producing these mixtures can make a difference. We recommend checking with your local pharmacy first.


Costco Pharmacy

Kerrisdale Pharmacy: we're not sure why the distribution of Pyridium (phenazopyridine) was terminated in Canada since there was only one manufacturer and many patients with bladder pain (especially from infections) had significant benefit from this medication. Fortunately, Kerrisdale Pharmacy compounds Pyridium. Part of the Medicine Shoppe group.

London Drugs Pharmacy

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

MacDonald's Prescription and Medical Supplies: this is a very good source for intracavernosal injection (ICI) medications for erectile dysfunction such as Prostaglandin and Trimix


Regency Medical Supplies

Safeway Pharmacy

Save-On Foods Pharmacy


Specific & Difficult to Source Medications


Fosfomycin: this antibiotic is sometimes the only oral antibiotic (can taken by mouth) which can treat certain types of bladder infections. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in Canadian Pharmacies, but remains available in the US. The pharmacies in Blaine carry this and will usually honour your Canadian prescription.


Intracavernosal injections: many pharmacies will compound (i.e. mix the ingredients). Having fresh ingredients and patient information is important. If your local pharmacy cannot do this, MacDonald's Prescription and Medical Supplies is an excellent resource.


Pyridium (phenazopyridine): this is a bladder anesthetic which many patients find helpful for bladder pain. It is no longer available from a manufacturer in Canada, but some pharmacies do compound this medication. You can obtain it from a US pharmacy if necessary (e.g. in Blaine) where it remains very inexpensive. Alternatively, several pharmacies in Canada do compound it including Kerrisdale Pharmacy (5591 West Boulevard) in Vancouver and McCue Drugs in Richmond (8120 Cook Road).


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Physiotherapy Clinics & Stoma Therapy in the Lower Mainland



These clinics offer pelvic floor physiotherapy

Dayan Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Clinic

Burrard Physiotherapy: Offering services in downtown Vancouver

Soul Physiotherapy: Offering pelvic floor physiotherapy and biofeedback services in Richmond

Treloar Physiotherapy: Offering pelvic floor physiotherapy, biofeedback and accupuncture services in Vancouver


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We have included a list of hotels near to Richmond General Hospital if you are coming from out of town which offer 'hospital rates'. This list is not meant to be an endorsement of these hotels nor can we guarantee their rate - feel free to do a web search for other hotels in the area.


Ramada Inn- Directly behind the hospital

7188 Westminister Highway



Executive Airport Plaza Hotel - Across the street, 1 block walk

7311 Westminister Highway



Best Western - Four block walk

7511 Westminister Highway



Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel - Four block walk

5911 Minoru Blvd

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For information on specific conditions, please check our Urological Conditions page or Procedures and Surgery pag


Author(s): K Poon  Major Revision/Review: January 2011