Richmond Urological Care Centre - RUCC

About the RUCC

The Richmond Urological Care Centre was created in 2009 as a collaboration between the Richmond Urologists and The Richmond Hospital in order to provide collaborative urinary tract care to patients in our community and for patients elsewhere in the province who require specialized urological care. Spore funding was obtained through the Lower Mainland Innovation Fund and has continued through Richmond Hosptial and the Coastal Health Authority.


Our mandate is to provide patient-centered care for a variety of urologic and urogynecological conditions through our team of nurses and urologists. Our core services include:

  • Functional diagnostic studies of the lower urinary tract (uroflow and post-void residual, multichannel urodynamic studies, pressure flow studies and pelvic floor electromyography)
  • Comprehensive physical and psychosocial assessment with various lower urinary tract dysfunctions
  • Comprehensive management of lower urinary tract dysfunction through patient education, dietary modification, pelvic floor therapy, bladder retraining techniques, optimization of other contributing factors and behaviors
  • Clean intermittent catheterization teaching
  • Outpatient cystoscopy
  • Minor urological surgery


Location & Hours

The RUCC is located in Richmond Hospital within the Ambulatory Care Centre of the Wesminister Tower.

Hours: Monday-Friday 0645-1445


7000 Westminister Hwy, Richmond BC V6X 1A2

phone: 604-278-9711 ext 4774

fax: 604-244-5281



Corey Knott is the certified Nurse Continence Advisor who provides advanced urodynamic testing, patient counseling and other services. She has over 15 years experience as an NCA and clinical . She completed her NCA training in 2004 through McMaster University becoming one of a limited number of NCA's within BC.



Referring Patients


Richmond Urological Care Centre (RUCC) referrals can be made through Metrovan Urology with initial consultation by one of our Urologists.