Scrotal Pain Syndrome (Post-Vasectomy Pain)


Scrotal Pain Syndrome includes testicular pain syndrome, post-vasectomy pain syndrome and epididymal pain syndrome. Post vasectomy pain syndrome has a prevanence of 1-15% with severe pain present in 1-5% of pain. Pain is often chronic (lasting > 3 months in duration).



Causes of Scrotal Pain Syndrom are not well-known. The majority of cases are idiopathic or without known cause. 

Post vasectomy pain syndrom has a prevanence of 1-15% with severe pain present in 1-5% of pain. Specifically causes of post-vasectomy pain syndrome have altered or hyperacitve nerves in the scrotum. 

Other possible causes of scrotal pain which will be assessed by urologist include symptomatic spermatocoeles, hydrocoeles, varicocoeles, epididymo-orchitis, testicular trauma, hernia or neuropathic pain. 

Diagnosis & Evaluation

History and physical examination is part of the evaluation. 

Often digital rectal examination is performed to examine the prostate. As well abdominal, scrotal and digital rectal exam is completed to identify possible trigger points that could cause refering pain to scrotum and testicles.


Treatment for Scrotal Pain Syndrome is varied and may include multiple therapies:



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Author: Dr J. Mickelson - last edited May 2013